I just want to share some of my favorite authors and books. If you haven't read any of these, give them a try.

I have to tell you...I love Lizzy Ford! My favorite series of hers is the War of Gods. I have read this series like 3 times!   
But you should also check out Rhyn Trilogy and most definitely Rhyn Eternal! I love her style of writing and her books are also either FREE or very low cost.

This is a great series of 13 books so far! And let me tell you they are packed with sexy alpha vampire men. But the storylines are great as well and she is quite humorous too. I will warn you about language, but hey they are bossy, alpha vamps after all. You won't be disappointed here !

By now, can you guess I love the paranormal/supernatural genre?

Gena Showalter delivers every time. Both the Lords of the Underworld and the Atlantis Series are great! If you like Greek Mythology, she has certainly done her research with the Lords of the Underworld. You pay a little more for her books but totally worth it.

Nothing supernatural about the men from Titan. But they are superheroes. All ex-Military men who work for Jared Westin's Titan, an elite force who thinks the government can't. And there is never a dull moment.

This is a great series if 'fantasy' is not your cup of coffee.

More of my Favorite Authors and the 1st book in the

series or a stand alone book.