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I love Amazon... I'm addicted really.

     So, I am a BIG Amazon shopper and I'll tell you why. Because I am lazy. No, that's a lie. I just have better things to do than run all over the Phoenix Metro area looking for the perfect pair pf slippers. Then if I don't like them, I have to drive back to the store to return them, stand in line and get stuck in rush hour traffic for $25 slippers that now has cost me nearly $100 between 2 trips, time and gas! If any of you live in a big city or even a really small one, you know this just makes sense.

     So there you have it, I'm an Amazonaholic!

     I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE  both the FireStick TV and the Echo Dot.

     Since I do not have cable or satellite TV, the FireStick  gives me access to all my Amazon Prime TV and my digital videos, Hulu and Netflix and so much more.

      And I use my Alexa Dot for music all the time and she comes in quite handy for lots of other things too!

     Sorry that there is no image but here is what I am learning so far about this lovely gadget.

      I haven't had it very long but... this allows you to take Alexa with you in the car and access all that she has to offer! You can play your Amazon Prime playlist, or anything Amazon has available. 

     You can get directions and maps too! I know, if you're like me you assume all cars have GPS these days, right? You know what they say about when you 'assume'. So while my 2016 Dodge Challenger came fully quipped with GPS, my 2018 Dodge Charger did not, so this awesome little gadget is so handy!

     I'll be honest, I haven't figured everything out yet and how all this works. But, I do know you need the iOttie app and the Alexa app you're ready to Rock n' Roll.

Oh HOLY MOLY! This mouse is awesome! As a writer I get tennis elbow pain from using a regular mouse. It's all gone with this baby.

This is a fantastic tool. If you are on the go a lot, hauling your phone, tablet, laptop, this is a must have tool when you can't plug in to recharge. And if you need to charge this, the sun will do it for you!

So, my husband is obsessed with NASCAR. It's my fault, I bought him his first tickets for his birthday. Anyways, it is hard to get great pics from the stands, but this little guy zooms in like you wouldn't believe! Takes Videos too!  It is small, light weight and very affordable for a camera as nice as this!

This thing is way too cool!

I cook hard-boiled eggs (perfect every time & easy to peel!), gooey brownie cake, long-grain rice, steamed veggies, lasagna and so much more in half the time or less than the conventional way you'd cook. Totally recommend this!

This is a great backpack I use with the portable solar charger above. This pack as a USB port to charge from on the outside of the bag, while it's plugged in on the inside to the portable charger. This was great at Disneyland!

Best slippers EVER!

Not sure I need to say more, but I will.

These are so comfy and heck, they look enough like shoes you can run to the Sonic for a Happy Hours Slushy!

I have 3 of these runners and they are so nice. They are super thick and plush.

You will love them, and so will small dogs when it rains outside. They use it as grass. So there is that.

Okay, so if you're a foul mouthed vegetarian.vegan, then this book is for you.  I haven't tried a whole lot in this book, but I do love the crouton recipe. But mostly I love to read it because it crack me the he!! up.

My other passion after writing is aromatherapy. I have made some amazing product over the years. And I love diffusers. But this one is a beautiful lamp and aromatherapy diffuser all in one