Meet Damien: Pandora Project Series

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

The Pandora Project Series

I am Damien, the one often called the asshole. Just because I am not perpetually happy like Roman or easy-going like Jacin, I am dubbed the asshole. Whatever. Like I give a flying fuck if anyone likes me.

But when they need my skills, I am the man. I have a love-hate relationship with technology. Somehow, computers and all the shit they do comes easy to me. There isn't a system I can't hack into. I have scared the American government shitless a time or two hacking into their files. The hate part comes in when things don't go my way, then I have been known to chuck a laptop through a window. I'm told anger management classes could be beneficial. Screw that, I don't have the time and I'm perfectly fine with my temper.

My newest mission in to find out all I can from Julius and Stephanie Gilham's desktop computer. The first trick was finding the bastard. Once we found it by way of the crazy-ass witch pointing us in the right direction, the game was one.

But getting into their files wasn't the problem, understanding them was the issue. They used shit like damn code names for different species of supernatural beings. Who does that? What's more page after page appeared to be blank. It baffled us all until the Gilham's daughter, Street Rat, as I love to call Kya, figured it out. It was kid shit; they used white ink to make the pages look blank. Really? This is the crap I'm dealing with.

But my life is about to get more jacked up. The sexy witch deiced to take Kya, Pretty sure her sole purpose was to piss Lije the fuck off. Then she sent us a damn fairy named Olivia, as a promise to return Street Rat. And this damn fairy is happy all the damn time. And she cooks sweet shit like she'd trying to eradicate famine. Seriously, the kitchen counter has upwards to a doxen desserts at any given time.

And if you think that;'s the worst of it, well, you be wrong. Oh so wrong. This freaking angel-fairy hits on me non-stop. She has decided that she wants me and make sure I understand that every damn day.

Okay, it's not like Olivia isn't hot because she is fucking hot. It's just...well, shit I don't know. I'm just not sued to having a woman pursue me the way Tinker Bell does. I can't bring myself to call her my her real name because it would be too personal.

But this small woman that has a smile on her gorgeous face all day, every day has managed to fuck me over. I made her a bet I will either regret the rest of my life or thank her for for the rest of my life.

Only time will tell.

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