Meet Gage: Awakened by Blood

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Gage Gallegos

The Blood Series

Gage Gallegos, aka Hades, Hannibal and Reaper. But most know him by Lucifer. He earned the name many years ago when someone witnessed him taking out almost twelve rogue vampires on his own. They said he was as lethal as the devil, and the name stuck. Which was okay with him, it kept people away.

Gage was faster and stronger than most vamps, but he never understood why. He assumed his father knew, but they hadn't been on speaking terms for over a hundred years. Gage just knew he was one mean motherfucker when crossed.

At little over three hundred years old, he had been unmated for the past hundred and fifty years. His mate killed herself after a group of rogue vampires brutally raped her. Her death nearly destroyed him. If not for a newly turned, young vamp, he wouldn’t have survived. Never wanting a mate ever again, he lived his life in the arms of any woman that was available for her body and her blood. Remaining unattached meant you couldn't get hurt.

Then one night he stumbled into a clinic after being attacked and got treated by Dr. Sofia Pierce. Her scent ignited a fire within him, a fire he thought was long gone. Within days he had this remarkable auburn-haired woman in his arms and he couldn't look back. He feels a pull to her he can’t explain and can’t ignore, nor does he want to. Gage needs her like he needs air to breathe and he is certain she feels the same way.

Sofia is offered a job at The Alliance's, where he works, as their resident doctor. And Gage soon discovers that all the warriors adore his woman. She won their respect along with their love almost immediately.

When Gage discovers a crazed vampire may be after Sofia he, his family and The Alliance warriors wrap themselves around her and vow to protect her with their lives. But the funny, sassy little doctor gives them all hell for their efforts as they form unbreakable bonds with her.

Not willing to lose her, Gage gets involved in a crazy plan that is sure to have Sofia angry at him. Possibly angry enough to walk away from him. But at least she'd be alive. He would rather be in pain while trying to win her back than to know it wasn't an option.

Together, Sofia and Gage will discover things about their past and about each other that could either destroy them to bind them to one another for forever.

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