Meet Kya: The Pandora Project Series

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Kya will push Elijah to his limits.

Pandora Project Series

I live a rather normal, ordinary life... well it's sort of boring actually. While I was raised in a wealthy home, my parents kept me sheltered. I was home schooled and wasn't allowed to socialize with kids growing up. So, as an only child, I am a bit of a recluse. And it's okay, really. I'm not much a a people person anyhow.

To keep me even ,ore secluded, I work from my small apartment as a freelance writer. The only daily contact I have with regularity is with a stray black cat, who shows up on my fire escape to get a free meal. And, the cat sucks at conversation. Hell, I did too, so maybe this is the perfect companion. I've been told I am sarcastic and snarky so maybe that's why I lead a lonely life and may be why at twenty-six I am still single.

But my life is about to get interesting.

My parents died in a car crash and now I really is all alone in the world that suddenly seems way to big. I'm not sure what life has in store for me next. At my parent's funeral, I see four huge men who have surrounded the funeral. Men I've never seen before, men who look suspicious. Yet when I ask my aunt about them she says she can't see them. Oh just great, the wine and sleeping pills have finally caught up to me after a long week of funeral preparations. Note to self; adhere to the warning labels.

Is this just a hallucination? It had been a long week, after all. Between the tears, the wine and sleeping pills, it's a wonder I woke up at all this morning. Yet, here I am, eyes wide open and still not understanding what the hell I am seeing.

After a long day from the funeral, then a gathering at her parent's home, I head back to my apartment. Exhausted, I need a glass, or two, okay maybe the whole bottle of wine. And then I want to crawl in bed and sleep for a week. Perhaps next week will look better.

But as I grab my favorite wine, the four men I thought I hallucinated, appeared in my kitchen! What the hell? I try my best tough-girl act on them but they refuse to leave, the one named Elijah tells me they are here to protect me. Ha, if they are here to protect me, then how bad are the bad guys? So, yeah, my jaw dropped before I had the common sense to grab a butcher knife. What I was going to do with one knife and four men, I had no clue. Clearly, I hadn't really thought that far ahead. Now asshole number one proceeds to tell me they are demon warriors, the Elite Warriors, from the Underworld and I am their demon princess.

Yep, here's where this takes a turn from sheer terror to what the hell. I am a demon princess from the Underworld. They are demon warriors from the Underworld and that makes my parents who? Hades and Persephone? Oh my God, I have got to lay off the damn sleeping pills chased by wine!

Okay, was it possible I was already drunk when this sexy as hell man appeared before my eyes? Honestly, I didn't remember drinking today. Had I been drinking so much this week that I simply forgot I downed an entire bottle of whiskey or wine before the funeral?

And I am not sure I like how the one called Elijah looks at me. But if he thinks I will go along with the dumbass story he weaved, then he'd better think again.

This is where my journey starts, where my life really begins. I will fight with them, defy them, hate and love them, while trying to keep control of my life.

Or what's left of it.

FYI~ book in not written in first person

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