Meet Raven: Pandora Project Series

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Pandora Project Series

Life has been hard for me. My secrets are deep, dark and dangerous. Hell, I am dark and dangerous. I do not trust people easily and I only have one person I completely confide in: Caleb. I have spent most of my life next door to him, he is the one person I trust most with my life and my secrets.

I grew up in a place simply called The Facility. I had no childhood, it was stolen from me along with my family and my life. And I am on a mission. A mission to destroy The Facility and kill all those involved in it. They have obliterated too many life to count and it's time for them to pay. I will accept nothing less than their lives s payment.

The Facility operates under the guise of a research laboratory. But what happens inside is unfathomable to many. Captivity, torture and experiments is the daily routine of nearly a hundred residents of The Facility. The lab rats aren't rats at all, they are supernatural being of almost every species.

Did I mention they had six facilities total? Well, they are down to only two now. Ten years ago, The Facility's greatest experiment, Pandora tore down the walls from within and escaped, setting all of us residents free. Now we work together to take down the remaining research centers. But now we need the Elite Warriors help, their assistance is vital to our cause.

What I didn't count on, is a demon Elite Warrior named Roman who is determined to never let me go. He has a way of seeing into my soul. He can feel my presence when others cannot. He has a way of calming me in a way I have never experienced before. And he scares me to death. I have fought hard to keep myself shut off from outsiders, to keep me and my secrets hidden. But, I fear he will strip me down of my power and will to keep myself locked down.

If Roman succeeds in breaking through the barriers I have up and he discovers my secrets, he may walk away from me. Honestly, I am trying to push him away. It will be easier to lose him if he hates me than me losing him any other way.

If I have learned anything about Roman, the warrior I call Adonis, is that he is the only man that will ever hold my heart in his hands. And once he sees me for who I really am, he may break my heart.

FYI~ book is not written in first person.

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