Meet Sofia: The Blood Series

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

The Blood Series

I've never felt like I belonged, anywhere. It's not something I have ever been able to put my finger on. Yet, something missing from my life, even though my adopted parents gave me and my adopted brothers everything we ever needed.

At thirty-two, I am still single. I have this deep seated fear that I will one day wander about my apartment in fuzzy slippers, a ratty robe, eating peanut butter from the jar while sharing it with four house cats. No one has ever connected with my heart and soul… until one night at the clinic where I worked, a large vampire walked in and flipped my whole world upside down. Literally.

Gage Gallegos, a six-foot four vampire with jet black hair looked like a biker, not my type, yet I can't look away, I am drawn to him. And he uprooted my entire life. And all sense flew out the window when I invited up to my apartment one day after he drove me home. I broke the one rule I had living in Seattle; never bring home a vampire, let alone let him in your home. I set my own fate from the moment I let him kiss me, take my blood and make love to me; I knew he was who my soul had been searching for.

He was the one.

Gage is a warrior for The Alliance, a vampire, hybrid and human private police force who policed rogue vamps and hybrids. When The Alliance offered me a job as their resident doctor because of how I handled him when he was injured, my life merged with theirs and there was no going back. I belonged here, that much I knew.

But after one of the warriors, Cam accidentally hurt me, I was ordered to train with Ambrose Kane. And let me tell you, this is the one man who terrifies me more than all others. He is one of the toughest, meanest vampire-hybrid warriors. The one who ripped me up one side and down the other for being careless for treating Gage without any guards present when he came to my clinic that night he was attacked. Ambrose's hard green eyes always make me want to retreat. And the damn cherry on top is I recognized his attraction to me immediately. But I'm involved with his best friend, Gage, a fact we are keeping secret for a while. What bothers me even more is that I am, well, sort of am attracted to the scary vampire/hybrid too, and that terrifies me shitless. He terrifies me shitless.

I have become intertwined with the warriors at The Alliance. Forming unbreakable bonds with them with my spunk, goofiness and my love for each of them. Most days I'm pretty sure they all want to staple me to a wall and duct tape my mouth shut just to get some peace, but it is my life's mission to make these serious warriors smile.

Now, they are tasked to protect me from a dangerous vampire who is killing women all over the city in search of one he lost long ago. Just because hell is raining down on the city doesn't mean I need to stop being me. I have no intention of making the warriors jobs easy. I torment and challenge the men tasked with protecting me all the while I love and respect them more each day. These warriors are mine. I can't explain it, but it's as though they belong with me and me with them.

But my journey will not be an easy one. It will test my love for the man who stole my heart. And I do not know if Gage and I can survive the shit-storm that's about to hit us.

FYI: Book is not written in first person

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