Roman: The Pandora Project Series

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Pandora Project Series

My name is Roman. I am a demon from the Underworld and I am an Elite Warrior. Meaning, we go to Earth on missions with our general, Elijah Alexander. But the real reason I am one of the elite is my mind. I have extraordinary powers, all demons do, each demon is born with natural abilities. Some can will other to sleep, have the natural ability to heal with merely a touch while others can manipulate the four elements.

Me, well, my mind is one of the strongest in history. I have the ability to make other think what I will them to. I can see their thoughts and their pasts. I see their deepest darkest fears... and fantasies. I had to work hard to block people, tune them out so I didn't hear their incessant jabbering twenty-four-seven. It's like having a thousand damn soap opera's running through my head.

Our newest mission has taken us back to the place we started twenty-five years ago; the Gilham's. Only this time instead of delivering the baby Princess Calah, we are sent to protect her as the Gilham's just died in a car crash.

Kya has turned out to be quite comical, well, mouthy is more like it. But it's certainly comical how she and Elijah butt heads non-stop. The rest of us are just sitting back and laughing at him. He is completely out of his element and she is determined to give him a run for his money, or sanity.

And I have made a new friend. An entity that began following and communicating with me once we moved our base of operations to the Gilham home. And from the moment I felt her there was a connection. One I can't explain. I sensed her on a different level, a level I was unfamiliar with; she was only in an astral form, just her spirit. I can't say that I have ever sensed someone in this form before. In fact, I wasn't aware anyone could do this. And for that reason, I refer to her as little witch. Well, that and because she has a mean streak. Already Damien and I see that we will have to run interference with her and Elijah. They had an immediate and volatile distrust of each other.

Even before I ever saw the little witch, I knew that if I were to run into her on the street, that I'd know her. I felt her presence deep in my body, my soul. And the connection to her was powerful, so strong that I yearned to be near her, missed her when she left.

But the day she materialized in the library in the Gilham's home, she took my breath away. She was so much more than I could have imagined. She was about five-nine, tall and lean but not skinny. Her hair was as black as a raven's with eyes as blue as sapphires. Her long black hair was braided with brilliant read stripes intertwined through it. This stunning woman was muscled like she spent a lot of time training, training for what I wasn't sure. She wore clothes like ours; black fatigues, boots and weapons.

She is a warrior.

But she is so much more. As I get to know this strong, silent beauty I begin to see I have only scratched the surface with her. She carries so much pain, anguish and responsibility that her aura weighs heavy on me whenever she is around.

While I can't admit this to this gorgeous woman who calls herself Raven, I know without a doubt she was born for me. Everything about Raven is deeply embedded in me; I feel her every breath, her every sorrow, her every passion.

And she is mine.

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