Pandora's Promise- The Pandora Project Book 2


Over the last 25 years, supernatural beings worldwide have been abducted for DNA experiments at The Facility, aiming to create a super-warrior. Pandora, their sole success, escaped a decade ago with a group of residents, seeking vengeance.

Raven has brought Elijah and his Elite Warriors to her people's refuge, known as Sanctuary. She assures Elijah that he will find all the answers he seeks about The Facility, its inhabitants, and his own people who were abducted 25 years ago. However, there is a reluctance among the residents to share information, avoiding Elijah, and he is determined to uncover the reasons behind their evasiveness.

 And now Raven and Caleb along with Elijah and his Elite Warriors from the Underworld, form a plan for bringing down the mastermind behind The Facility, The Maître. However, Raven persists in concealing information from Elijah, deepening his mistrust of her with each passing day.

Roman is experiencing a sense of déjà vu with regards to Raven, leaving him feeling uneasy. However, the secrets she's withholding from him intensify his determination to penetrate the emotional barrier she has constructed around herself.

Raven recognizes Romans unwavering commitment, yet she struggles to shake off the fear that once he uncovers all her secrets, he might choose to leave. The situation is further complicated by the fact that Raven's daughter, Salem, has developed a strong attachment to Roman.

Salem unintentionally discloses a secret about Raven, triggering Elijah to launch an attack on her. Their intense fight requires the intervention Roman and Caleb to pull Raven back to keep her from killing Elijah. Now Elijah refuses to help Raven any further until he meets the elusive Pandora.

If Raven and Elijah fail to establish trust and find common ground, their mission is at risk of failure, jeopardizing the freedom of Raven and Elijah’s people. And all of her years of fighting to protect her people will have been for nothing.