Hello, and a warm thank you for visiting my page!

Throughout my life, I've harbored a vibrant imagination for as far back as I can recall. However, it wasn't until seventh grade that I finally wrote my first story for my creative writing class. Nevertheless, life's twists and turns intervened, causing a hiatus in my storytelling endeavors until my late twenties. Though I found great joy in writing, I never had any expectation of seeing my work in print. Self-publishing was virtually unheard of during those earlier years.

Upon reaching my early forties, I embarked on a writing course with Long Ridge Writers Group, and to my surprise, I uncovered a talent for crafting compelling short stories. This revelation fueled my passion, leading me to continue my writing journey. As an introvert, I soon realized that delving into the realm of fiction had a therapeutic effect on my well-being, consistently filling me with happiness. Since that enlightening moment, I have never ceased my creative pursuits.

Although self-publishing is an invaluable resource, it does come with a considerable array of expenses, including proofreading, editing, and book cover design. However, my inherent possessiveness drove me to a unique approach: I decided to teach myself these skills. Instead of attempting to communicate my ideas for a book cover to someone else, I took it upon myself to learn the craft. It's worth noting that this endeavor began before the advent of the free editing tools now available. While I acquired the skills to create eCovers, paperback designs, and dust jackets from scratch, I may not use the easiest approach.

Although my initial six books fall within the urban fantasy genre, which I hold a deep affection for, I am currently venturing into other literary domains. I have several works in progress, although they remain incomplete at this time.

Do I make errors in editing and proofreading? Absolutely, I do. So, please accept my apologies if you come across any. As an indie author, it's an ongoing learning process. My aspiration is that with each book I write, I will continue to improve and refine my craft.

So, one could aptly describe my books as my heart and soul, from their very inception to the final word on the page…until my next idea comes along.

Whatever led you to my page, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude. Writing is not always a simple endeavor, and it's not always met with the recognition it deserves. So, thank you for being here and offering your support. And if my writing style or stories don't resonate with you, that's perfectly fine as well. We all possess unique tastes, and that's what makes the world of novel reading so wonderfully diverse. There's a story out there for everyone to cherish.

Thank you for stopping by, Lauryn L Hill