Bound by Blood - Blood Series Book 3


Dr. Sofia Pierce remains under the vigilant protection of The Alliance, sheltered from the relentless threat posed by the assassin known as Vega. Sixteen formidable warriors from The Alliance encircle her like a ring of dragons, steadfastly guarding the family home.

Enduring the constant presence of The Alliance's most resolute and fearsome operatives is a formidable task. Yet, Sofia is resolute in her mission to infuse levity into their stern countenances and bring laughter into their lives. She has dedicated herself to banishing the scowls from their ruggedly handsome faces.

Sofia's playful interactions with two elite teams yield a singular outcome: an overwhelming fondness and admiration from these exceptional men who would move mountains for her. Their loyalty knows no bounds.

Her connection with Ambrose, affectionately referred to as Vader, deepens with time. The days of trepidation in his presence are now but a distant memory. Ambrose Kane has become not just her friend, but also her stalwart protector.

However, amidst the efforts to safeguard Sofia from the malevolent Vega, five of her most trusted warriors betray her, shattering her heart into fragments. The treacherous actions of these five men, whom she had entrusted with her very essence, drive her to seek refuge in the protective embrace of her surrogate father. Severing all ties, both of blood and connection, she subjects them to the searing agony of her anguish.

The anguish these five men endure for their deceit will irrevocably transform them. When Sofia realizes that life without them is a torment she cannot bear, she chooses to return home and offer her forgiveness. For one of them, she will demand a greater penance and require that this indomitable warrior kneel before her in search of redemption.

Not a stand-alone book

Mature readers only