Pandora's Proposal- The Pandora Project Book 1


For a quarter of a century, supernatural entities have been vanishing across the globe and in otherworldly realms. The Facility, a place of imprisonment and experimentation, has been brazenly manipulating their DNA in a relentless pursuit to fashion the ultimate super-warrior. Yet, their sole triumph, Pandora, managed to escape over a decade ago, liberating a substantial number of fellow captives.

Since Pandora's escape, The Facility has come under relentless assault. Pandora and the band of insurgents have razed four of the six existing facilities, determined to obliterate the remaining ones and liberate the remaining captives.

Elijah Alexander, the commanding general of the Underworld's formidable Army, dispatches his elite warriors to Earth with a singular mission: safeguard Kya Gilham, the cherished daughter of their monarch. Kya had been sent to Earth two and a half decades ago and entrusted to the care of Julius and Stephanie Gilham when the Underworld itself was besieged. Many of their own people mysteriously vanished during that tumultuous period, never to return. Now, their paramount duty is to prevent anyone who seeks to harm Kya, their princess.

The Gilham’s were found dead on a rural Montana road, prompting the arrival of Elijah and his team. As they dive into their odd death they unearth a dark underbelly they never fathomed. The warriors stumble upon disconcerting revelations concealed within the Gilham’s' computer files, hidden inside a secret room. Disturbingly, they begin to unravel a sordid legacy associated with Kya’s adopted parents - the sinister involvement with The Facility and its inhumane experiments. Scientists had conducted harrowing tests on demons, vampires, shapeshifters, angels, and a myriad of other beings, subjecting men, women, and children to years of mental and physical torment in their relentless pursuit to forge the ultimate super-warrior, Pandora.

Now, a formidable woman named Raven has been entrusted with the task of rallying the Elite Warriors from the Underworld to aid her people in their quest to eradicate the mastermind behind this abominable operation, determined to thwart the recreation of a new Pandora.

While Elijah harbors reservations about Raven, he recognizes the necessity of following her lead for the sake of their people and, most importantly, their princess.

Mature readers only

Not a stand-alone book