Created by Blood- Blood Series Book 2


As Sofia delves deeper into her past, she uncovers a startling truth that makes her life far more intricate than she had ever imagined, and this revelation fills her with a paralyzing dread. The knowledge she's acquiring about herself is too daunting to share with Gage, for she fears he might not understand it or that it could shatter their relationship.

Meanwhile, Zander, the leader of The Alliance, discloses a hidden truth to their formidable warriors regarding Sofia's true nature – she is not human, and their duty to protect her goes beyond what they were initially led to believe. Moreover, he reveals that the relentless assassin, Vega, is relentlessly pursuing Sofia, and if he succeeds in capturing her, her life will spiral into an unending nightmare.

With each passing day, the sixteen resilient warriors assigned to safeguard Sofia around the clock find themselves growing increasingly attached to this petite doctor. They realize that she holds a significance in their lives beyond their wildest expectations, and they are willing to go to any lengths to ensure her safety.

In a bid to enhance Sofia's protection, The Alliance initiates the creation of her own blood army. The men who receive her blood become bound to her, compelled to serve and safeguard her as their unwavering loyalty and duty to protect her is commanded by her very blood.

However, a grievous error occurs during the assembly of her blood army, throwing Sofia and Gage into a tumultuous predicament. They must confront this crisis head-on or risk it tearing them apart, for if they fail, everything they have fought so hard for will crumble into oblivion.

Not a stand-alone book

Mature Readers only