Awakened by Blood - Blood Series Book 1


In this supernatural world, where vampires, hybrids, and humans coexist, the sudden rise in vampire attacks has sent shockwaves through Seattle. The Alliance, a specialized police force comprised of hybrids, vampires, and human warriors, has been tasked with the challenging mission of tracking down and stopping the rogue vampire responsible for these gruesome murders.

Sofia Pierce had always been a feisty and ambitious human doctor, unafraid to tackle any medical challenge that came her way. Her life took an unexpected turn when she crossed paths with Gage Gallegos, a lethal vampire-hybrid known by the ominous nickname "Lucifer." Their meeting was anything but ordinary. It was as if fate had conspired to bring them together.

As the killer's reign of terror escalates, ordering the mass murder of nearly thirty women, panic spreads throughout the supernatural community and beyond. The realization that Sofia might be the target sends shockwaves through The Alliance. They immediately set up around-the-clock protection for her, with the deadliest and most skilled members of their force standing guard.

The disturbing piece of information revealed the killer has tracked Gage for over a century. But what's even more unsettling is the enigma surrounding why he may have an interest in Sofia now.

Sofia and Gage find themselves on a path of discovery, compelled to unearth aspects of each other's past that could either drive them apart or bind them together for eternity. A formidable battle lies ahead as their world starts to unravel at its seams.

No a stand-alone book

Mature Readers only