Meet Ambrose: The Blood Series

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Ambrose Kane

The Blood Series

My name is Ambrose Kane. I'm a hybrid/vampire most people with half a brain won't mess with. I've built a reputation for being an asshole. And while I'd like to say I worked hard at it, I didn't; it came damn easy. My guess is my size makes others think twice, and often they walk away. Which is fine with me: my tolerance for stupid is low.

I'm happily mated to a gorgeous woman, named Melina. She is the love of my life, and has made my otherwise lonely existence worth waking up for each morning. Yet in the vampire/hybrid society, having sex with someone other than your mate is acceptable. We view sex as a necessity and sometimes sex is just sex and nothing more. So, we are okay with our mate going out and having a one night stand. Loving your significant other is different; we're bonded, in love and abide by til death do us part. And I'd kill any fucker who tried to hurt Melina or take her from me. She is mine, and I am hers.

Sure, I occasionally have sex with other women, but no one ever peaked my interest like Dr. Sofia Pierce. From the moment I met her at The Alliance, I felt an instant attraction to her. It was something I've never experienced before. When she accepted the job we offered her as our resident doctor, I knew I'd never rest until I had her. And it bugs the shit out of me that I can't get her out of my head.

Not long after Sofia was on the job, she was accidentally hurt by one of my men. After running into her later that day in our gym, I made the mistake of kissing her. It was stupid of me, I know, but hell, I couldn't help myself. Those sensual lips begged me to taste them. Twice. Though she kissed me back, she wound up pushing me away, telling me she was involved with someone. Sofia doesn't understand our ability to have casual sex with someone, then go home to our mate and still be in love. Her human ways ingrained in her that our ways are wrong.

Because of her injury, and a run-in with Gage, when she treated him and he tackled her, it was decided that I had to teach her self-defense. Now I'm officially in hell. So, day after day I will have to be near her, teach her, touch her… and smell her. And I'm not sure if I'm strong enough to handle that. I'd love to say I am, after all, I'm the family asshole as Gage keeps reminding me. Though, he's one to talk.

Sofia opened the door to the gym for her first session, and I was talking to Cameron. Cam was the one who had accidentally hurt her earlier and he felt like shit. I glanced at her then up at the wall above her head, at the clock. She was late.

"Nice of you to make an appearance, Sofia." My hard eyes made her heart skip a beat. I heard it and that gave me satisfaction. A part of me liked keeping her nervous around me.

She frowned, not understanding where I was going with this.

"Cam, you want to fill the Doc in what happens when you guys show up late to practice?" I glared at her, treating her as I would any other trainee.

Cameron let a grin slip before he wiped it away. He thought I didn't notice. "We get to fight the boss." He thumbed in my direction.

"And if it happens a third time?" I asked.

"Then we have to take on Lucifer. And then we'd come see you to get patched up." Cameron nodded to Sofia.

Sofia's eyes got big. "I was two minutes late! Seriously?"

"I'm dead serious. You being late messes up everything, and it pisses me off. If you don't believe me, do it again." I saw that she tried to remain brave.. That was Sofia's MO. Rarely did she let on she was scared or nervous.

Sofia laughed. "So, are you threatening me, Ambrose?"

In three long steps I was in her face. "No, Doc, I'm simply warning you to not be late again. You won't like the consequences."

"Or I'll have to fight you?" She cocked an eyebrow at me as she willed her feet to stay put. Her first instinct was to retreat, I knew that, but she feared I'd pounce like a tiger if she moved even an inch.

And she was right.

Sniffing the air around her, I asked, "Why the hell do you smell like Gage?"

"On my way here I ran around a corner and plowed into him. I'd have been knocked on my ass if he didn't catch me. So, I'll have to fight you?" Her hands were planted on her hips.

"Not until you learn how to fight. Until that time I'll come up with something else that terrifies you." I leaned in close to her ear, my voice turning deadly. "And I know exactly what terrifies you, Bella."

It was me.

My attraction to her scared her shitless. That much was evident. And now, day after day, I go home to Melina in a foul mood because I ache to feel Sofia beneath my hands, my body. Melina understands this need, she has sex with another man weekly because she too craves another man's touch.

Then one day, my best friend and brother, Gage, told our family he wanted to bring a woman home he had been seeing. Apparently the asshole has had a secret relationship for a few months and wanted us to finally meet the woman he was crazy about. And to our surprise, Gage brought home none other than Dr. Sofia Pierce. Now, shit really hit the fan. I never saw this coming.

While I'm happy for Gage, a man who had remained single for over a hundred and fifty years, it also made my life more difficult. Now Sofia is a part of our family and I'll always be close to her. What makes things worse is, I know she is attracted to me as well. I can see it in her eyes, her mannerisms, when she's near me. Though she can't admit it. She was raised to believe in monogamy. Not only do I have to be near her at work, but at home.

Fuck. My life is about to get more complicated… and I'm not sure I can live through it.

FYI: Book is not in first person

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