Meet Elijah: The Pandora Project Series

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Pandora Project Series

I am Elijah Alexander, aka The Prince of Darkness, the general for demon army of the Underworld. I hate that damn nickname too, but it has stuck with me for many years. And the Prince of Darkness has a reputation that is known all over the world and then some.

Life was pretty damn good, until twenty-five years ago when the Underworld was attacked by an outside source. Many people, including our Queen died that day, while many others mysteriously disappeared. And we never found any of the missing. It was a mystery that left us no clues to go on.

To this day, I do not know how the attackers got in. A porthole is needed to enter. So, that meant the attacker had someone on the inside, which I find hard to believe. We have had only one traitor in over a hundred years and that man no longer had access to the Underworld.

My loss that day is a pain that is still raw today. My heart hardened as I built a wall around myself to keep people out. Only my fellow warriors, the closest few, know me and know my pain. They know this pain is the reason I am now the Prince of Darkness.

Now almost twenty-five years later, me and my men are sent to Earth to protect our dead Queens daughter. Roman, Damien and myself delivered the infant Princess Calah, now known as Kya Gilham, to her guardians, the Gilham's, right after the attack on the Underworld. But now the Gilham's have died in a car crash. We must protect her on Earth until we are able to take her home to the Underworld

And stupid me, I made a promise to the Queen that I'd take the Princess as my mate when she was grown. What the ever-loving hell was I thinking when I made that promise to my queen? What was I to do, tell my dying queen that I could not promise her the only thing she wanted? I am now bound to Kya by duty and honor. I do not want a mate, nor do I need one. She will be a complication I do not need nor have time for. I am so screwed.

To make matters worse, a witch entered our lives the minute we moved our operation from Kya's small apartment to her family home. This witch knows what happened to the Gilham's and the Princess, but she knows so much more. The only problem is the witch is also a bitch, and she does nothing for free. I neither like or trust this woman, there is something about her that rubs me the wrong way. I am fairly certain we try to kill each other before we're through, in fact, I look forward to it. Roman however, is a complete fool for her, and I know she will hurt him before this mess is cleared up. But hey, he's a big boy.

Apparently, this witch sought us out because Kya's guardians were into some ugly shit. They were involved in something called The Facility. But, the witch won't come out and tell us anything, she is leading us down a path that I'm not sure I want to travel.

So far, what we have learned is people were kidnapped, tortured and experimented on. And the only reason I am listening to what the witch is saying is because she claims she started out as a full-blood demon before she was kidnapped and tossed into The Facility. Now I am wondering if this is where all our missing people went the night of the attack on the Underworld.

The only thing I know beyond a shadow of doubt is once I stepped onto this deadly, monstrous path, there is no going back. Only fate knows if we'll make it out alive.

FYI~ book is not written in first person.

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